Officers and Board of Assistants (*voting members)  2019-2022




Grace B. Smith

Governor *

Deputy Governor General (GSMD)

Newsletter Secretary
Webmaster Secretary



June R. Gorman

Deputy Governor *

Assistant General (GSMD)

Heather McKane Bolthouse

Elder *






Thora Goodnight
Treasurer *


Elizabeth Williams
Recording Secretary *



Char Wolvin Tavarozzi
Historian *


Cindy Schmitt

Historian for Juniors *


A Prosperous Wind - Mike Hayward

Craig Rich
Assistant: Membership Secretary

Janet L. Ernst
Assistant: Flag Captain *

Larry Hewartson
Assistant: Public Relations Secretary *

Laura Druker
Assistant: Corresponding Secretary *


Deputy Historians

Dr. Jo Smith Dawn Laatz Lee Bennett Cheryl Gawne




Past Officers who are Ex-Officio Members of the Board of Assistants

Past Governor June R. Gorman
Past Governor Terry J. McKane
Past Governor Mary Ellen Crusoe Byrne, Esq.
Past  Governor Rev. Dr. C. Corydon Randall II
Finance Committee  
Governor Grace B. Smith
Deputy Governor June R. Gorman
Treasurer Thora Goodnight
Past Governor Mary Ellen Crusoe Byrne, Esq.
Scholarship Chairman Kathleen Ripley Leo
Directory Chairman Betty Knight Swisher