There are over 35 million Mayflower descendants worldwide

Are you one of them?

The Society of Mayflower Descendants in Michigan invites you to join them!

Who is eligible?

Anyone who can document their lineage back to one or more or the Mayflower passengers known descendants. ***See Table Below

How do I get started?

By completing and submitting the Preliminary Application form and Proposed Line of Descent form along with the required fees and documentation to our Historian Team.

Deputy Historian, Lee Bennett, will guide you through the membership application process. For more detailed information click on the link below:

1) Application Process

2) Required Documentation

3) Preliminary Application form 

4) Proposed Line of Descent form  

Some membership benefits

- Two annual luncheons with educational speakers

- Scholarships are available for eligible junior and family members

- Lifetime memberships available, requiring no annual dues

- New friendships with member cousins

- Volunteer opportunities

 What does it cost to become a member?

$200 - This includes the $148 application fee, plus $52 for the Michigan annual dues payment, You can also opt to pay $148, plus a one-time-only dues payment based upon your age, for life membership.

 For more Information

Who can answer more of my application questions?

Deputy Historian Lee Bennett

We look forward to helping you become one of our members!

Men On the Mayflower

John Alden

Isaac Allerton

John Billington

William Bradford

William Brewster

Peter Browne

James Chilton

Francis Cooke

Edward Doty

Francis Eaton

Moses Fletcher

Edward Fuller

Samuel Fuller

Stephen Hopkins

John Howland

William Mullins

Degory Priest

Thomas Rogers

Henry Samson

George Soule

Myles Standish

John Tilley

Richard Warren

William White

Edward Winslow


Woman on the Mayflower

Mrs. Mary (Norris) Allerton

Mrs. Elinor Billington

Mrs. Mary Brewster

Mrs. James Chilton

Mrs. Sarah Eaton

Mrs. Edward Fuller

Mrs. Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins

Mrs. Alice Mullins

Joan (Hurst) Tilley

Mrs. Susanna White Winslow


Children on the Mayflower who left Descendants

Bartholomew Allerton

Remember Allerton

Mary Allerton

Francis Billington

Love Brewster

Mary Chilton

John Cooke

Samuel Eaton

Samuel Fuller

Constance Hopkins

Giles Hopkins

Richard More

Priscilla Mullins

Joseph Rogers

Elizabeth Tilley

Peregrine White

Resolved White